Caress Soothing Foam Mask (Pack of 10)


A fresh, airy get mask with soothing, softening & protective properties. An ultra-sensory texture for a unique treatment experience with calming action.

The redness is reduced, tingling sensations disappear. The skin is soothed and softened, immediately and on long-term basis. Prepare 140 ml of water in a bowl. Poor very slowly and the content of the sachet of the Caress Foam Mask in the bowl, mix gently to obtain a homogeneous texture. Appy a wet gauze to face and neck , and then apply the mask with a spatula. Leave on for 15 mins, massage the hands with the Protective Cream For Hands and Nails. Remove the gauze, rinse off and tonify with moisten cotton pads and Soft Freshness Lotion.