White Clay Purifying Poultice Powder Mask 100gm


This poultice is exclusively composed of White Clay to detoxify the skin and absorb impurities. The skin is clean, mattified and the complexion is clear.

The skin is purified and matt. Shiny areas disappear. The complexion is unified and luminous. For Oily & combination skins : Prepare in 2 different dishes, 15 ml of Sea Clay Purifying Poultice with 8ml of water and 15ml of White Clay Purifying Poultice with 8ml of water. Apply a gauze directly onto the face. Apply with a brush the Sea Clay Purifying Poultice, without covering the lips, onto the T zone, then apply the White Clay Purifying Poultice onto the rest of the face and neck ( avoiding the eye area). Leave on for 15 min. For oily skins: Proceed the same way using the Sea Clay Purifying Poultice only. Mix 30ml of sea clay in a dish with 15ml of water.